Accepts suggestions and develops ideas.

I’m Web Developer, Designer.

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-Web Services-



The first step is collaboration with the client. Consulting and listening carefully to what you have to say are necessary foundations of every good project.



Create attractive designs, and mobile-friendly interfaces, that are easy to use. The design is something where everything starts, fresh up your company with a brand new design!


Front-end web development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or web application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

-Recent work-


Design / Phothoshop


Design / Affinity Designer

Darko is very creative in designing, as well as team player. Accepts suggestions and develops ideas. Very optimistic and communicative.”

Krojač Web Design School

-About me-

I'm from Serbia where I live and work.

After finishing High School I continued studies where slowly I enter the world of graphics and graphic design at the Technical College in Novi Sad, Department of Graphic Engineering.

At that period, I was a regular web user like most people. I become more interested in the web while I was working in the studio.

Then I decided to enroll in Krojaceva school for web designers, so I was able to improve my knowledge and skills and I satisfied my passion for creativity too. I do each project seriously and professionally, choosing the best solutions for your ideas, suggestions, and needs.



Do you have an idea or a project? Get in touch with me!